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Summer Tango Experience

Summer Tango Experience

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Summer Tango Experience

Sept. 16-18, 2022
Halkidiki, Greece

Your best tango vacations.Your

Your ultimate 3 day summer tango destination in paradise.

The finest fusion of sun, sea, and endless summer tango.

Not-to-miss summer tango holidays.

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Summer Tango Experience Reviews

  • Review from Afet

    Afet, Istanbul

    Hoş geldiniz! I am registering with my friends!

  • Review from Alessandra

    Alessandra, Bari

    You are back in Greece! Let's summer tango party! Sto arrivando!

  • Review from Vlad

    Vlad, Bucharest

    Contează pe mine! Summer tango epic!

  • Review from Paraskevas

    Giorgos, Thessaloniki


  • Review from Albulena

    Albulena, Tirana

    E përsosur! Let's do the tango, in Halkidiki!

  • Review from Ivanka

    Ivanka, Sofia

    Регистриран съм! Ready for summer tango and cocktails!

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Summer Tango Experience Numbers

44 hours of dancing & partying

9 hours of workshops

120 awesome participants

3 Thousand memories


awesome participants


hours of dancing & partying


hours of workshops


Thousand memories

Tango dancers in Summer Tango Experience


The Summer Tango Experience (STX) is the world's best summer tango holidays, full with countless hours of open-air milongas, workshops, and parties at the perfect location.


∙ Incredible long sea shore with crystal clear waters, and a stunning sunset.
∙ Amazing near-by sightseeings.
∙ Minutes away from Macedonia airport (SKG), and from the small city of Epanomi.
∙ All venues are meters away from the sea.
∙ Breakfast, lunch, and dinner available.
∙ Free unlimited parking.
∙ Participants limited to 120.
∙ 50% ladies and 50% gentlemen, so everyone can enjoy dancing.


∙ Enjoy the best summer tango vacation, Greek style.
∙ Create incredible tango memories.
∙ Learn or improve your tango dance faster, easier, and better.
∙ Access exclusive insights.
∙ Gain know-how guidance from real dance experts.

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Location. They say that nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those of Halkidiki. A perfect combination of everything Greek!


Super. Never before summer tango holidays were so close to you. So everyone from everywhere can join and enjoy with no barriers.

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Dance party. The soothing sun, chill cocktails, and the best sea in the world, it's all you need to make everlasting summer tango memories.


are the perfect people to make your summer tango vacation epic!

In Summer Tango Experience you, the guest, are the star, not the artists or the organizers. That's why we put all our efforts to make your Summer Tango Experience flawless! Artists serve your experience and provide the dance knowledge and spectacle you want.   ∙   That means the xtango workshops are complete, clear, and fun. You are the epicentre. Dance interruptions during the milongas are kept to minimum. All artists dance together 1 song/night, only for you!

Educator X and Anastasia in Toronto

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  • Summer Tango Experience what is a tango dance
  • Summer Tango Experience meaning of tango dance
  • Summer Tango Experience steps for tango dance
  • Summer Tango Experience facts about tango dance
  • Summer Tango Experience music for tango dance
  • Summer Tango Experience tango dance meaning


are important for rest, because partying is number one priority!

All-night partying though -tired feet, countless cocktails, little rest- can spoil your Summer Tango Experience. That's why we have you covered with the best accommodation in the region for any budget, when registering to OPA! package.   ∙   An incredible location with beautiful accommodation and fantastic guest rooms, especially known for the flavours worth tasting, the comfortable spaces, and the waterfront setting. The amazing breakfast from genuine local Greek items will surprise you!   ∙   This is the main hot spot of Summer Tango Experience: milonga nights, parties, cocktails, food, tours, so we strongly recommend the all-in-one OPA! package when you register.

Dancing tango in Summer Tango Experience



Choose the package best for you.

Join the best summer tango event, dance, drink, enjoy, and create amazing tango memories.


  • 3 summer milongas
  • cool refreshers
  • (only 20 tickets)


Summer Tango Experience OPA! package
99 + (optional) room fee
  • 3 nights in room
  • 3 summer milongas
  • 2 beach parties
  • 9 workshops
  • cool refreshers
  • (only 100 tickets)


In case you forgot something.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! Summer Tango Experience will have a team of awesome volunteers. You can apply to volunteer here.

Do I need a visa to come?

Greece opens a huge embrace for all guests that will visit the Summer Tango Experience, Halkidiki - Greece! Click the visa info to learn if you require one!

Is this a festival or a marathon?

The Summer Tango Experience, Halkidiki - Greece has the best of both worlds! Many hours of long open air extraordinary milongas and parties (44 hours) and selected workshops (9 hours) with incredible content by amazing artists. At the best location by top organizers.

What's the climate on September?

The climate in Halkidiki - Greece is generally mild with limited rainfall whilst sunshine and warm summers are well known. It enjoys almost 300 days of sunshine on average annually.
Halkidiki - Greece climate per month

Can I look some photos of the area?

Yes, you can look inside the Summer Tango Experience area.

Can I pay at the welcome desk as a walk-in?

No. Nobody will be able to pay anything at the welcome desk. Everything must be done through the website. Walk-ins will not be accommodated.

Can you provide some local useful phone numbers?

1. Emergency: 112
2. Ambulance: 166
3. Fire Department: 199
4. Police: 100
5. Coast Guard: 108
6. Tourist Police: 171
7. Pharmacies: 107
8. Hospitals: 106
9. Forest Fire Authority: 191
10. Traffic Police: 10400
11. Weather service: 148
12. International Phone Assistance: 139
13. General Telephone Information: 11888
14. SOS Doctors: 1016

Who is the organizer of the event?

Summer Tango Experience is organized by Pablito Greco Ltd. We are organizing dance and tango experiences from 2006.


How to reach Potamos, Halkidiki?

1. By car from Macedonia Airport (SKG): 20 minutes by car. The airport serves domestic and international flights and from London, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Zurich, Istanbul, Moscow, Prague, Doha, and Larnaca. Intercontinental flights are also served by the Athens International Airport where there are about 20 daily flights to Thessaloniki.

2. By car from Thessaloniki.

3. By bus (#69) from Thessaloniki/IKEA to Epanomi, and by bus (#77H) from Epanomi to Potamos.


Which package is best for me?

The OPA! package is best. It has the most value-for-money, plus the right to reserve your (optional) room/s too!

What are the EXTRAS!?

Together with your package, you can add more items to your cart like:

1. Wonder Wine Secrets® (only 11 people):
a. Tour at an award winning vineyard
b. Tour at a famous wine museum
c. Spectacular instagramable view
d. 2 wines tasting during tour
e. Optional delicious food

2. Tango Secrets® Book (softcover):
a. World's first open-source tango book in the history of dance and literature
b. World's first Fileteado book cover
c. 200+ popular tango questions and their answers
d. 200+ historical events and facts about tango culture
e. 50+ biographical tango experiences

3. Private class Educator X:
a. Indulge 60 minutes with an international dance performer
b. Discover the insights and secrets of tango dance
c. Learn tango dance 5x faster, easier, and better

What payment methods do you accept?

We strongly prefer , , and we also accept Credit/Debit card and PayPal.

What can I find in your merchandise store?

In our merchandise store you will find super cool items related to Summer Tango Experience and our brands. T-shirts, bags, mats, towels, and more. You will have a lot of fun with them and be prepared for your summer arrival!

Have more questions? Send us a message!

Be part of dance happiness!

Our books

Tango Secrets Book by Educator X

Tango Secrets

Tango Secrets, by Educator X, is an invaluable book for those who wish to learn everything about tango but don't want to get tangled up doing it. Your ultimate guide to tango dance and culture. More >

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